Grade Level:              Seniors

Length                        1 Year

Class Time:                1st Period


Course Description:

This course will cover three types of businesses—sole proprietorship, partnership, and corporation.  Each type of business is presented in a complete accounting cycle covering analyzing transactions, journalizing, posting, petty cash, financial statements, payroll, adjusting and closing entries and reversing entries.  Accounting concepts are introduced using a modern business with owners that students can relate to in each cycle.  This course uses the general journal approach in Cycle 1, and uses special journals in Cycle 2 and thereafter.  After each cycle is completed, students will demonstrate mastery of the cycle by completing accounting tasks for a business in a simulation



7th Grade Word Processing

Length:             1st Semester

Class Period:    2nd Period


Course Description:

Changes in computer hardware and software have had a significant effect on the way we work, live, and learn.  Computers now perform many tasks that we used to do by hand.  Therefore, each student will be refining his/her techniques at the keyboard to improve both speed and accuracy.  Besides straight (printed) copy, students will build skill on handwritten and rough-draft copy and copy containing numbers and special symbols.  Microsoft Office will be used as the word processing program and students will create, format, and revise simple business and personal correspondence such as letters, memos, tables and reports.  Students will encounter and use proofreading symbols, become proficient editing on-screen, and editing hard-copy material,



8th Grade Word Processing

Length:             2nd Semester

Class Period:    2nd  Period


Course Description:

This class is designed to improve key stroking capabilities, thus improving speed and competency at the keyboard. Microsoft Office will be used as the word processing program and students will create, format, and revise simple business and personal correspondence such as letters, memos, tables and reports.  Students will encounter proofreading symbols, become proficient editing on-screen, and editing hard-copy material.  Students will take part in two business simulations for correspondence recall.


After the initial class introduction and skill-building activities, assignment sheets will be handed out on Monday of each week.  Assignment sheets, handouts, and students work are to be kept in a 3-ring binder notebook.



Intermediate Word Processing

Grade Levels:            Freshmen-Seniors

Length:                       1 Year

Class Time:                4th Period


Course Description:

This class is designed for students who have had some computer instruction.  Students will use the touch method of keying letters, numbers, and special characters.  Position at the keyboard is stressed throughout the year.  Students will use Dell computers and Microsoft Word is the primary program used in class.  Students will learn how to do basic troubleshooting.  Students will also continue their document formatting skills by setting up personal/business letters, memos, reports, and tables.  Accuracy and speed will also be stressed in this business environment.  Students will use their formatting skills the second semester to work for Star River Adventures—a rafting company.  Excel and PowerPoint will be used while completing work for this company.


“Across the nation, employers are recognizing a growing labor force issue—the lack of “soft skills” within job applicants and employees.  Employers have expressed their concern over the lack or readiness or employees to meet workplace expectations.  (Montana Focus Groups report, p.1). As Moore Public School desires graduating students to be successful workers, subject matter as well as jobs skills such as communication, punctuality, reliability, honesty, good work ethics, interpersonal skills and initiative will be explored.


Personal Finance

Grade Level:        Freshmen-Seniors

Length:                 1st Semester          

Class Time:          5th Period


Course Description:

When it comes to money in today’s consumer world, it all about spending.  The average high school student sees or hears some 5,000 ads everyday.  This is a stunning number of invitations to spend your hard-earned money.  It is rare to hear or see ads encouraging people to develop balanced and healthy money habits—particularly when it comes to saving and sharing.  Decisions made now can and will affect the income you will earn for the rest of your life. 


In this personal finance students will

  • learn how career choices affect future income
  • learn what the five sources of income are
  • learn the importance of identifying their values and how they affect his/her ability to share, save, and spend
  • learn how to manage his/her money using a checking account, and keep good financial records
  • learn how using insurance and other options to manage risk can help protect his/her income and property
  • learn sources and costs of using credit
  • learn about credit laws that affect the consumer
  • learn the difference between needs and wants
  • learn how advertising works and why it’s important to be aware of how companies try to get you to spend your money
  • how to set short, medium, and long-term goals
  • learn how to set money goals
  • learn the importance of saving for the future
  • learn the importance of living within your means
  • learn how inflation affects what consumers buy and the value of money
  • learn about banking through Everfi



Computer Applications

Grade Levels:      Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

Length:                 Full Year

Class Time:          6th Period


Course Description:

Designed for students who have taken one full year of Intermediate Word Processing.  This course will introduce students to the intermediate and advanced features of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, and Publisher 2013 in the Microsoft Office Suite.  Time permitting, the other software explored will be Photoshop. 



School Publications

Grade Level: Sophomore –Seniors

Length:           1 Year

Class Time:    7th Period


Course Description:

The course is designed for students who are interested in marketing techniques, producing and printing of school publications in the form of the newspaper and yearbook.  One year of Intermediate Word Processing is a prerequisite for the course.  A business climate is emphasized.  Creating a budget, covering productions costs, working together as a team, advertising, writing concisely and clearly, editing working the Dell’s and using Microsoft Word to create copy are skills needed to be successful in class.  Students will learn to use the Pentax ZX50 camera.  Students will create ads for the yearbook and create all the yearbook pages.  Photoshop will be used to edit pictures.  Machine safety and ethics is covered and stressed throughout the year as well as photographer responsibilities.  Only limited items will be downloaded from the Internet.  Microsoft Office, Photoshop, and Publisher will be used in class.  The yearbook is produced on-line through LifeTouch.