Ms. Heilig

M: MSU Bozeman graduate…”GO  Bobcats!”

S: Super 1st year of 3rd Grade!  15 years of teaching in Kindergarten, 1 year of teaching 6th Grade!  4 years of teaching 2nd Grade!  Total Teaching Experience:  20 years

H: Home:  I have lived in Moore for 25 years.  I graduated from Drummond, MT …. only a few years ago!  Have two beautiful children:  Hailey is a senior at City College in Billings studying nursing, working at St. Vincent's Hospital in the cardiac observation unit in Billings as a CNA and enjoying her new puppy, Captain.  Hayden is 18 and a Senior at Moore High School.  He loves all sports, his motorcycle, his snowmobile, his dog and his mother! :)

E: Extremely Energetic and Enthusiastic about teaching!  My Third Graders are my priority.  I set high expectations not only for them, but for myself.

I: Interested in the whole child.  I invest my time in their whole person.  There is more to teaching than just academics!

L: Love to Learn!  Learning must be fun for all of us!  I strive to incorporate our new Common Core Standards into my lessons as well as fitting in as much technology as possible.

I: Ideas!  3rd Graders are full of IDEAS!  I want them to share these ideas with each other and build and learn from their classmates!  A safe, happy, healthy environment is a must in our room for all learners to take risks and get involved in their learning.

G: GREAT! I expect great things for these kids!