I grew up in southwestern Montana, just outside of Bozeman in a little farming community called Churchill. I graduated from Manhattan High School, and attended MSU-Bozeman, graduating with a degree in History Education, and a minor in FCS Education. In 2001, I married Rick Vaughn and we settled in Lewistown, which was where he was born and raised. In 2002, I began teaching at the Moore School, and working on a Master’s Degree in Counseling Education. In 2006, we were blessed with our first daughter, Megan and I completed my Master's Degree program in Counseling Education. In 2008, Jenna arrived to complete our family. Now, a few years later, the girls are in 5th grade and 3rd grade, respectively and I can't believe how fast time has flown by! Now we are keeping busy between managing two school schedules, work schedules, piano lessons, church school,and Hoppers/gymnastics.