1st period: manage MTDA (digital academy) students

2nd period: prep

3rd period 11th American History

4th period: 9-12 Child Development

5th period: manage MTDA students

6th period: 7th Montana History

7th period: 9-12 Culinary Arts II

8th period: K-6 Life Skills

So this summer was a busy one for us. We traveled all over the state, beginning with a Missoula trip in June for a work conference. The girls got their first taste of Griz country -- ugh!! Then we spent July traveling to see my folks outside of Bozeman, swimming lessons, hoppers camps, and participating in the library summer reading program. August found us in southwestern Montana, touring Bannack, Virginia City, Ennis, and the Big Hole battlefield. Megan became fascinated with old ghost stories of Montana so this was the trip for her! We also headed north and toured the old state prison at Deer Lodge. The girls were a little freaked out with condition of the cells in the prison, especially the state of the solitary confinement cells. Then we got home in time to finalize Rick's mother's move from her place of the last 48 years to a new home in Lewistown. That has been an adventure! We are all looking forward to a great school year!

I grew up in southwestern Montana, just outside of Bozeman in a little farming community called Churchill. I graduated from Manhattan High School, and attended MSU-Bozeman, graduating with a degree in History Education, and a minor in FCS Education. In 2001, I married Rick Vaughn and we settled in Lewistown, which was where he was born and raised. In 2002, I began teaching at the Moore School, and working on a Master’s Degree in Counseling Education. In 2006, we were blessed with our first daughter, Megan and I completed my Master's Degree program in Counseling Education. In 2008, Jenna arrived to complete our family. Now, a few years later, the girls are in 5th grade and 3rd grade, respectively and I can't believe how fast time has flown by! Now we are keeping busy between managing two school schedules, work schedules, piano lessons, church school,and Hoppers/gymnastics.