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What is to know about Mrs. King!


Mrs. King was born and raised in Belgium. Her family moved  to the US (NH) her Freshman year in HS where she learned English through immersion (attending the same classes like any other high schoolers). English is still challenging!


College brought her to Montana and finding her future best friend/husband, Bob, kept her in this beautiful state. She completed several degrees over the years:

  • BS in Pre-Physical Therapy (UM)

  • Teaching Certification (MSU-Billings): Special Education PreK-12; French K-12, Elem. K-8

  • Master in Organizational Leadership (Gonzaga U.)

She has been in education since 1980 and loves to teach our children.  She taught mostly in Charlo, MT with the beautiful Mission Mountains looking over the valley. Her husband, Bob transferred to Lewistown in 2007 when Central Montana became their home.