1. The student is graduating or has graduated from the Moore Public School.

2. The student has attended Moore Public School for the last 4 consecutive years.

3. The student has a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 2.0 (C average).

4. The student is presently attending or plans to attend an accredited school of higher education as a full-time student (enrolling in 12 semester hours/credits or more per semester). If the student enrolls as a part-time student (enrolling in less than 12 semester hours/credits or more per semester), the amount of award will be pro-rated.

5. The student has completed an acceptable scholarship application for this award which delineates his/her qualifications for this bequest. This application should include the following:

a. present GPA and a list of their high school accomplishments, including activities and community service

b. a description of their academic/career goals

c. what their financial need is to meet those goals

d. an assurance from the applicant that they would put this bequest to the expected use: i.e. help pay educational expenses

6. If for any reason a student should withdraw from classes, unused

scholarship monies must be immediately returned to the Kirkeminde

Scholarship fund. If the student does not, the student forfeits eligibility for future scholarships.

a. If a student re-enters school and wishes to reapply for Kirkeminde Scholarship funds, the student needs to submit:

- a letter of intent stating he/she wishes to reapply for monies, and include reasons for withdrawal

- a copy of most recent official transcript

7. Three letters of recommendation shall accompany this application and will include: two from the Moore faculty, and one from a person of choice (cannot be a relative). Official transcripts will be provided to the committee at the completion of each academic year.

8. This application/reapplication in its entirety must be turned in to the Moore School Counselor by March 31st annually so the Scholarship Committee can review it in a timely manner before graduation. Failure to turn in the application and appropriate documentation by the due date of March 31st by 4:00 pm will result in the applicant being ineligible for award. The Scholarship Committee shall use its discretion when evaluating scholarship applications/reapplications. Any and all awards shall be given at the time of graduation. Any such awards will not exceed a total of four (4) school years of assistance for any one award recipient.


9. No scholarship funds will be awarded to any applicant after 6 years past graduation from Moore